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Septic Cleaning in Auburn, ME

For septic tank cleaning or pumping, call W. E. Fenderson in Auburn, Maine.

Septic Truck W.E. Fenderson has been serving the Lewiston, ME area since 1957 and has become Androscoggin County's choice for septic pumping and cleaning. Septic issues can literally be a sticky situation, so trust the experts at W.E. Fenderson to clean and service your septic system. We have earned a reputation for quick, easy and dependable septic services that fix the problem right away and keep it from coming back.

Why Septic Systems Fail?

A problematic septic system will lead to sewage backups and overflows into your home or lawn. Why does this happen?

1. Poor System Design/Installation or Soil Conditions
Failures often result simply from poorly designed or constructed septic systems as well as soil that is unsuitable to handle your septic system. 

2. Clogs and System Failures
Septic system problems can simply occur as a result of clogs. Sludge and other wet debris can pile up and clog soil. The liquid from the system will then be forced back in instead of out into the soil. The result is a system failure and several backups.

3. High Water Table 
Sewage that seeps up into the ground from below happens as a result of the septic system being installed at too low of a level to handle excess water during rainy seasons. The system may need to be re-installed or curtain drains will have to be used to capture the high groundwater.

4. Clogs from Roots
Often times the cause of septic clogs comes from tree and bush roots that were planted close to the system and have expanded into the pipes.

5. Physical Damage and Wear and Tear
Septic systems take a physical beating from trucks or other heavy equipment that pass over them. Try to install these systems away from traffic as much as possible. 

Septic Pumping Auburn, ME How Long Should a Septic System Last?

The lifetime of a septic system varies by the unit, but most conventional systems last about 30 years. Several factors impact the length of a system's functionality. Systems that accommodate larger groups of people are more likely to fail sooner. Damage can also take its toll on a system over time. The less wear and tear, the longer the system will likely last. 

What are the Signs of a Failing Septic System?

Most signs of a failing septic system are easy to spot. If sewage begins backing up into your home, you know then that the system is likely failing. Other signs aren't as clear cut to spot, but they provide hints of septic system failure. 

If you smell an odor of sewage outside your house, it's a sign of a failure somewhere in the system, likely in the leach field. Backups can also be spotted near the leach field and septic tank as the ground will be squishy and oozing liquid. 

Septic Tank Pumping Auburn, ME Backups at the ground level are the result of backups that push water and sewage up. Ponding water can often be seen - a clear indication of a system failure. The nasty smell can also come as a result of a venting problem. These issues need to be addressed by a septic system expert. 

What Actions Should Homeowners Take?

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One way to confirm suspicions of a failing septic system is to use a dye test. A strong dye can be flushed down the toilet and into the system. If there is a problem, the dye will soon become visible on the ground after it seeps through from the septic system. 

What is the easiest way to prevent sepctic system issues? Schedule regular maintenance to keep an eye on your system and catch any problems. Proper septic cleaning will keep your system running the way it's intended to. For homeowners in Auburn and Lewiston, W.E. Fenderson can provide all the maintenance and cleaning your septic system needs. Call us to schedule a septic tank pumping or cleaning. 

W.E. Fenderson offers expert septic services like pumping and cleaning at reasonable rates and the quality of our service blows the competition out of the water! W.E. Fenderson accepts all credit cards. Give them a call today at 207-782-4265 for immediate, professional septic services. 

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